White liner look

Hey everyone! Today I have a fun and fresh look for you guys. I know people bring out the bright colours when spring comes around, but I don’t like using bright out there colours so this is a way to amp up your look and make it playful without going overboard or out of your comfort zone if you’re like me. On top of that it’s not that difficult and budgetproof!

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Nail polish haul

Hello guys!

I have never been a nail polish kinda girl, because I just don’t have the patience to let it dry and redo them every week. I just never had a thing for it. Until I randomly decided to buy one 3 weeks ago and that’s where my craze started. I’ve been picking up nail polishes here and there and I thought it would be fun to show you which ones I got. I know for some of you this might not be much but keep in mind I’m that girl that actually finishes a nail polish bottle because I always use (when I’m not lazy) the same few ones I own.

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How to: self confidence

Hello! After 2 months of being locked up at home studying for school I’m finally able to work on this blog again. However I’m back on a more serious note than before. The past few weeks I’ve been occupied with this and I wanted to write about it. Not only to help myself, but anyone else struggling with this issue. If todays post brightens at least one persons day.. it’s totally worth it. So this will be about self confidence, a trait we all need but lack most of the time. Obviously there isn’t a guide or a 5 step program to get you confident in 30 days, but I do have a few tips and views on it that might help you see things differently. Sometimes that is all it takes.. a different perspective on the topic.

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Benefit boxed powders

Hey everyone!

Today I have a quick post on the Benefit boxed powders. I will be showing you guys which ones I have and whether I recommend them or not. They cost around €34 depending on where you get them, which makes them quite expensive but these are the kind of products that last a long time so you do get your money’s worth.

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L’oréal Infallible 24h matte vs. Maybelline Fit me! matte and poreless


Today I have an exciting post for you guys. Lately I’ve been more into matte, full coverage and longwearing foundations even though I have normal to dry skin.. It’s just this mood you know. Because I didn’t own many foundations like this I did get some new ones the past few weeks. Today I’m comparing what I feel like are 2 of the most popular ones out there. If you want to know what I think about them and which one I like better… keep on reading!

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How I selftan: St. Moriz selftanning mousse


Selftanning has been around for a really long time, but I feel like more and more people are getting more into it.. or is that just me? I know I am at least! I have tried a couple of selftanners during the past few years, but I never really fell for it because I couldn’t find one that gave me the result I wanted without the hustle that comes with it.. till now! I’m thrilled that I finally came across a selftanner that just does it for me. Before using this I went to the tanning salon every 5-6 weeks which I know is really bad for your skin and causes premature ageing, but I just really don’t feel confident in my pale natural skintone. Right now I am able to easily get the shade I want without damaging my skin too much. So let’s get to it and I’ll tell you all about my selftanner and how I apply it!

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