CATRICE Neo-Natured first impressions

Hey guys!

When I went shopping today I wasn’t planning on getting any make up (as we all do most of the time.. let’s be real), but then I walked into my local drugstore and saw the new Catrice Limited Edition. Yeah.. there’s the catch: limited edition. I mean isn’t that the best excuse to buy something when you shouldn’t? Plus.. the moment I layed my eyes on the packaging I was sold. So here’s a sneak peek of my purchases.

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First of all the star of the show.. at least as far as the packaging goes. Cause if I’m completely honest, that’s the main reason why I got this one. Don’t get me wrong! The blush itself is really nice as well, but it isn’t that different from the other 10 natural looking blushes I own you know.

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It’s a wood(like) material which is pretty sturdy and has a fun nature vibe to it. And as you can see the lid slides open to the side and when closed is secured with a magnet. Good job on this one, Catrice!

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The price was €4,99 and you get 9g of product. A pretty good deal to me.

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There is only one shade: Walk in the woods, which is a very common and everyday blush colour. I don’t really mind that, but at the same time I’m kind of disappointed that they weren’t a little more original or came out with a more fall appropriate shade.

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Processed with MOLDIV

Here’s a swatch. It’s fairly pigmented for being such a light shade. As far as the formula goes it’s not really smooth of creamy but not dry or powdery either. So far I really like it.

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Next up are the Lip liners. They were €1,99 each and come with quite a lot of product in nice, sleek and retractable packaging.

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 I have them in 2 shades:  C01 NUDEtral Nature, which is a similar colour to the blush, and C02 Maroon Mélange, a darker warm maroon/red shade. I didn’t get the third one because it was more of a berry red shade and I don’t really like a berry lip on me.


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They are creamy, really pigmented and have a matte finish. I can already tell they’re gonna be longlasting too. The only downside to them is the fact that, because you have to twist them up, they don’t stay pointed and it’s difficult to get a neat, sharp line (as seen on the lip swatch pictures). Obviously that can just be fixed with some concealer or a small lip brush.


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Processed with MOLDIV

Last but not least the Lipstick. This one costs €4,99 and comes in the same 3 shades as the lip liners. I only got the C02 Maroon Mélange one because NUDEtral Nature was sold out (classic) and I wasn’t interested in the berry shade. And again.. can we have a moment to adore this packaging please?



Here’s a swatch on my hand. On the left only one swipe and on the right I went over it a few times. As you can tell the lipstick has a shiny finish to it compared to the liners.


Hope you enjoyed!


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