Sleek highlighting palette: worth the hype?

Hey everybody!

I’m sure you’ve seen this palette before. Ever since Jaclyn Hill mentioned it in her ‘ride or die’ tag  , the internet exploded and everyone wanted to get his hands on it. I wasn’t an exception to this. I kept my eyes open and as soon as I saw it at the drugstore I picked it up. So today I want to give you guys my opinion on it and if it really is worth the hype…

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You probably saw this coming but come on.. the packaging.. it is to die for! It doesn’t feel heavy or really high quality by any means, but it looks so luxurious. The metallic finish is so pretty, but  at the same time does reveal anything on it so I guess it’s nice to look at as long as you don’t touch it with dirty hands.

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I have it in Solstice, but if I’m not mistaken there is another highlighting palette as well. However that one isn’t as popular as this one whatsoever. On the back they have the names of the actual highlighters, but honestly I have no idea in which order you should read them so I’ll leave that to your imagination.


It does come with that typical cheap brush, but I threw that out as soon as I came home. I do love the big mirror, perfect for travelling.. if you need 4 highlighters to travel with at least.


The palette comes with 1 cream, 1 regular powder and 2 baked powder highlighters.

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The cream highlighter is a classic champagne shade. It’s very metallic and pigmented and blends out nicely. I don’t really use this one because whenever I feel like using a cream highlight I usually go towards the other ones I own.


The second shade is a very light yellow toned highlight. This one I would use on a regular day when I want a nice glow but not too in your face like the following ones. Don’t get me wrong.. it’s still not one of those ‘subtle I can barely tell’ highlighters but it is not that crazy.


The third one is a beautiful bronze shade. This one looks so good on tan skin for that summer ‘just got out of the pool’ glow. It is a baked powder highlight which makes it insanely pigmented.. you do NOT need much of this or you’ll walk around like a discoball… yeah I’ve learned that the hard way.


And then my favorite shade and the reason why I got this palette. I am absolutely in love with this lavender colour! I don’t have anything like this and I was so excited to try it out. It is so bright and in your face.. I adore it! So just like the previous one.. use a light hand and your highlight will be poppin’!


Here are some light swatches. (cream-yellow-lavender-bronze)


And on these pictures I went a little more heavy handed. (cream-yellow-lavender-bronze)



So do I recommend this product? Yes definitely.. for those who love a good intense highlight and can appreciate different colours to play around with. Or the people who want to expand their collection with some more unique shades for an affordable price. If you’re more about that subtle glow life I don’t really think you’ll get lots of use out of it.

It is available in Belgium at Di for about €13 (I don’t remember the exact price,sorry!)

Bye and till next time!


2 thoughts on “Sleek highlighting palette: worth the hype?

  1. Great post and pictures! The palette looks gorgeous and I’m always up for highlighter recommendations!

    If it’s not too much trouble I would really appreciate a follow back on:


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