Montagne Jeunesse sheet masks


I’m the type of girl that likes to pamper herself but I do hate the mess that comes with it sometimes or how time consuming it can be. I love a quick fix whenever I feel like I need it. Kind of an emergency back up plan to get the skin back to life asap. What’s the solution to that? Sheet masks.. they are quick, easy and fun to use.


I got these 3 from Montagne Jeunesse. I’ve seen these everywhere for different prices, but most of the time they cost around €2 each.


The first one is a ‘soothing and cleansing fabric facial’ with Aloe Vera and Green Tea. I’ll be trying this one out today actually.

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They each come with clear instructions on how to use them. 5 to 10 minutes and your skin should feel refreshed and ready for the day… isn’t that what they all say? But we’ll see how well these keep their promises.


When you open the packaging you get 1 big and soaked sheet mask… with a pattern. I mean.. at least you’re doing it in style huh?


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After taking it off, your skin will be wet and refreshed. It does have a nice cooling sensation to it.Then you’re supposed to massage the product into your skin, rinse it off and voilà.. you’re done! Obviously you shouldn’t expect a world of a difference, but I do agree with the claim that they wake up your skin and give it a boost.

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The second one is a tea tree sheet mask. It’s supposed to stimulate and wake up the skin. It’s targeted to people with oily or combination skin. I have normal to dry skin but I guess it will work for me too.


The last one I have is the dead sea sheet mask. This one is supposed to be calming and cleansing. I used to use this one quite often actually right before getting ready for a night out to boost my skin after a long day and get it prepped for an even longer night out. Or I also used it a lot on my exam days to literally wake me and my skin up. I like the fresh and clean sensation it provides. This is the only one that says to use it weekly and it’s suitable for all skin types! So everyone can enjoy the benefits.


All of these masks contain natural or safe man made ingredients and are cruelty free! Always a big plus!

Till next time!


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