Best of bronzers

Hey guys!

One of my favorite things is bronzer. It can just save my day, because I’m one of those people who are frightened of being pale (no offence to my light skinned people out there though) and on top of that I have a pretty round face. So I just feel like I need a daily dose of bronzer to make me look alive and slim down my cheeks. Therefore I want to show you these 3 favorites I would immediately go out and buy again if I had to restart my make up collection from scratch.


And we’re starting of with a cult favorite: The Bahama mama bronzer by The Balm. If you haven’t heard from it yet.. where have you been? Get your ish together and go get it now! I honestly can’t say anything bad about it.


The packaging is super cute and adorable. It’s lightweight, easy to travel with and you don’t have to worry about it breaking. It even comes with a small but still useful mirror. Oh yeah.. I guess there is 1 downside to this product. The packaging can get quite dirty but other than that… I ain’t complaining at all.


What I love so much about this one is the colour. It is a gorgeous deep brown shade with a really cool tone to it, which makes it perfect for a bomb ass contour. The powder is soft and really pigmented so a little bit goes a long way.


 I use this one whenever I want my contour to be strong (all the time basically) or on my really tan days. And it’s also really nice to use as a crease colour on your eyes.


Next up is an even bigger star of the online make up community. The Hoola bronzer by Benefit is one of those products who have been around for as long as I can remember. And I can see why.. it deserves its status for sure!



This boxed powder takes up more space and isn’t as travel friendly in a way as the Bahama mama bronzer because of its size. However once you do get it in your make up bag, you always have the brush on hand as well …so I guess it’s kind of a compromise you have to make. The bronzer also comes with a mirror but it gets dirty really quickly so I can’t really get any use out of that honestly.


The brush however is really good! I like how easily I can carve out my cheekbones with it so I do always keep it in there. The bristles look like they would scratch your face but they’re suprisingly pretty soft and gentle.


As you can see I’ve hit pan on it and I rarely do unless it’s something I genuinely love.. so here’s the proof. I would describe the shade as a medium cool toned colour with a hint of warmth. I know that sounds weird but I mean it’s cool toned enough to be a perfect contour shade but yet gives a nice healthy tan when used all over the face without looking muddy. LOL…Do I still make sense to you guys?


And the last one isn’t a raved about product at all. However it’s just as good in my opinion for its own special purpose. It’s the True matte finishing powder by H&M beauty in the shade Olive. I think it is the darkest one you can get. They do have actual bronzers but when I was swatching their powders, this one felt so smooth and buttery and when I noticed this shade I just had to try it as an all over face bronzer. And guess what.. It worked out just like I wanted.



It’s a really good warmish tan shade (gosh.. these descriptions though LOL)  without being orange whatsoever. And because it’s a face powder instead of a bronzer it’s very forgiving when you blend it out or when you want to build up the colour. You can tell I’ve used it a lot already.. I desperately need a new one.


It’s time for swatches. From top to bottom: H&M – Hoola  – Bahama mama.



 Till next time!


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