NYX Lip lingerie: worth the hype?


A few months ago the first NYX store came to Belgium. Before that we could only get the brand online. I never did despite the face that I’ve been curious to try out so many of their products for such a long time. So when the store opened in June I was thrilled and no need to say that since then I’ve paid it a few visits leaving with items from my wishlist every single time. The Lip lingeries being one of them. They’re everywhere on the internet so I wanted to see what it was all about. I like a nice matte lip myself too but is it worth the hype?


They cost either €7,20 or €8,30 each (I always mix up the prices sorry) which puts them on the more expensive side of the NYX lip product range. The price isn’t bad, but it could be better to you know. They have a bunch of different shades.. a nude lippie for everyone. From really grey to really warm toned liquid lipsticks so if you’re a nude/natural lip shade lover.. you’re in heaven!

Processed with MOLDIV

As usual I went for 2 really natural shades.. cause I don’t have enough of those already *sighs*.

Processed with MOLDIV

Processed with MOLDIV


This is what the applicator looks like. As you can see it comes out with a lot of product so I do suggest wiping it off a little before applying it on your lips to avoid a mess. Other than that it’s fast and precise to work with.


Processed with MOLDIV

These are the colours freshly applied on my hand. On the left 04 Ruffle trim and on the right 06 Push up. Gorgeous shades for sure! Ruffle trim is a bit darker and warmer than Push up and I go for this one when I want a natural lip but slightly more noticeable and …’instagram baddie’ like. Push up is a bit more of an everyday shade on me. It has a cooler pink or even mauve tint to it when dry but nothing too crazy or unnatural looking.


They’re extremely pigmented and smooth, but when they dry they go really matte. If I don’t use a lipbalm underneath they do dry out my lips and sink into the fine lines (as on the picture below). But honestly I haven’t come across a liquid lipstick that doesn’t do that and just by moisturizing your lips right before putting them on it isn’t that big of an issue anymore. On the other hand the whole matte finish thing makes them very longlasting. I wouldn’t say they get through anything all day long but they don’t transfer and after eating a decent meal I sometimes have to touch up the middle part of my lips.


Overall I do really like it. Do I love it? Do I use it almost daily? No.. I prefer my Velvet Teddy lipstick by MAC, but I would repurchase them and I might get more shades because the collection is quite unique in that aspect. So if you’re a beauty junkie and a make up collector it is a nice item to have but I wouldn’t say you have to go get them if you’re not that into it.

Have you tried them out already? What is your favorite shade?

Love, Bebe! x


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