L’oréal Infallible 24h matte vs. Maybelline Fit me! matte and poreless


Today I have an exciting post for you guys. Lately I’ve been more into matte, full coverage and longwearing foundations even though I have normal to dry skin.. It’s just this mood you know. Because I didn’t own many foundations like this I did get some new ones the past few weeks. Today I’m comparing what I feel like are 2 of the most popular ones out there. If you want to know what I think about them and which one I like better… keep on reading!

Obviously the packaging is really similar: just a simple plastic tube. I do like this kind of packaging because it’s travel friendly, easy to get the precise amount of product you want and you can get every last bit of it.

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Now on to the claims for the L’oréal one:

  • Medium texture: true! It doesn’t feel heavy in my opinion, but it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing nothing either.
  • High coverage: Kind of.. it’s more like a medium to buildable full coverage. However it can get a bit cakey if you apply too much so I usually set for the medium coverage layer if I want a more natural finish.
  • Matte finish: yes it is matte all day long on me (remember I do have normal skin). I don’t have to set it and it feels dry to the touch.

Over all they claim it’s a lightweight, non – cakey, 24h perfection foundation.


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The Maybelline Fit me one claims:

  • Mattifies and refines pores with blurring micro-powders for poreless looking skin: it is matte and my pores look fine with this one, but I wouldn’t say it blurs them or something cause the result is not that crazy.. I feel like you can still use a pore filling primer with this.
  • Matches skin tone and texture: the shade matches my ‘has to be redone winter self tan’ skintone nicely and it does have a quite skinlike texture to it.
  • Natural, seamless finish: true…at the beginning of the day.

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Time to compare them:

  • Coverage: they both have medium coverage, but the Infallible scores better here because it has more of a medium to full coverage.
  • Consistency: the Fit me foundation is thinner for sure, but the difference isn’t mindblowing or anything.
  • Longevity: the Infallible one wins in this department for sure. After a regular school day (8hrs) the L’oréal one still looked really good but the Maybelline Fit me foundation had definitely worn off a bit around my mouth, nose and just in general lost coverage throughout the day. It also creased a bit in those areas.
  • Finish: both of them look nice on the skin as far as the texture goes when applied correctly (not too much and a sponge gets rid of any access product so you end up with a more natural finish). However my pores do look slightly smaller with the Fit me foundation. The Infallible foundation on the other hand looks more matte.
  • Price: I don’t remember the exact price I paid. L’oréal usually is a bit more expensive, but you do get 5 ml more of product so I don’t mind.

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Here you have L’oréal infallible 24h matte foundation in 24 Golden beige (top) and Maybelline Fit me matte and poreless in 120 Classic Ivory (bottom). A darker shade in the Fit me foundation would probably match me better and be more similar to the L’oréal swatch but I can pull this one off too on my paler days.

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So I think you can guess it already.. I like them both but I 100% prefer the L’oréal Infallible 24h matte foundation. Mostly because it lasts way better and I like the feeling of not having to stress about my foundation going ‘bad’ throughout the day too much.

Have you tried them and which one is your fave?



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