Benefit boxed powders

Hey everyone!

Today I have a quick post on the Benefit boxed powders. I will be showing you guys which ones I have and whether I recommend them or not. They cost around €34 depending on where you get them, which makes them quite expensive but these are the kind of products that last a long time so you do get your money’s worth.

Sugarbomb is a typical peachy pink kind of blush perfect for everyday use. It’s nicely pigmented, but it’s definitely more of a sheer wash of colour with a nice glow. However it’s not shimmery either so it won’t look like you have glitter all over your cheeks.

Processed with MOLDIV

I’m sure you’ve seen this before, but here is what it looks like. I usually just swirl the 4 colours together with my ELF stipple brush and we’re ready to go.

Dallas is my latest addition to the family. I originally got it as a 2 in 1 thing. You know.. for when I’m running late and I want to contour and apply blush at the same time because it is that universal kind of shade. However I have been enjoying it a lot lately just as a blush.

Processed with MOLDIV

It is a matte blush but it does have a very slight sheen to it. It’s just such a beautiful shade for fall and winter without being too dark. They describe it as a ‘dusty sunset plum’ powder… yeah that’s pretty much it.

The last one has been on my blog before. The Hoola bronzer is the first one I got because it was raved about so much. It does its job as a bronzer and a contour powder really well so I don’t blame them.

Processed with MOLDIV

You can go and read my Best of bronzers post if you want to know more about it.

And of course some swatches: Sugarbomb – Dallas – Hoola (from top to bottom).

Till next time!


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