Nail polish haul

Hello guys!

I have never been a nail polish kinda girl, because I just don’t have the patience to let it dry and redo them every week. I just never had a thing for it. Until I randomly decided to buy one 3 weeks ago and that’s where my craze started. I’ve been picking up nail polishes here and there and I thought it would be fun to show you which ones I got. I know for some of you this might not be much but keep in mind I’m that girl that actually finishes a nail polish bottle because I always use (when I’m not lazy) the same few ones I own.

E7011 Flying colours. I had seen this gel formula by Wet n Wild before and wanted to try it, but I never picked it up until now. There were a few colours I liked but I wanted to test the formula first so I went with one and chose to go white, because I ran out of my other white polish. So far I really like it because it dries fast and looks really gel like.

unnamed (3)

54 Dream on. This one by Essence looks white too but it’s actually a really pale cream colour. They also claim it’s gel polish but honestly I feel like it’s just a nicely pigmented nail polish. I don’t get the same shine and smooth feeling from this as the Wet n Wild one.

unnamed (5)

69 All about us. I thought this was a pretty unique colour, because it’s just a straight up beige. Usually a beige has pink or grey tones to it, but this one hasn’t at all.

unnamed (2)

Here are the 3 shades next to each other so you can see the difference. Dream on – All about us – Flying colours.

01 Outa space is the place. Essence has come out with these Out of space stories nail polishes. Basically there just duochrome shades and I picked up the lightest one, because I really liked the white with pale pink and blue tones to it.


You can’t really tell on the picture, but the duochrome is there.. you’ll just have to take my word for it.

unnamed (42)

80 Jeans on. This is kind of an out there colour for me because I usually go for the nude shades, but I had seen youtubers wear blue polishes and I actually really like it so I wanted to get some myself. They couldn’t have picked a better name for it, because it is a nice midtown blue, not too light or too dark.

C01 Pure Blues. This is one of my favorites.. surprisingly because the first time I looked at this Limited Edition by Catrice I didn’t really pay attention to the polishes at all but damn this is such a gorgeous colour. This baby blue makes me happy when I look at it because it reminds me of spring.

unnamed (1)

unnamed (41)And we’re finishing off this post with some darker tones. I know the season for dark nails is coming to an end but I mean I still like to rock a vampy nail once in a while. These are all Ultimate Nail Lacquers by Catrice.

unnamed (39)

119 For nuts sake. This is a gorgeous maroon colour and basically it doesn’t need any more explaining than that.

unnamed (38)

102 London town at sundown. This is more of that basic deep whine red colour and it has a beautiful shimmer to it.

unnamed (40)

105 Go for gold. And lastly this shiny rosegold one.

That’s it guys! A quick look at my growing polish collection. There will defenitely be a part 2 to this if I keep going on like this, but we have to switch our addictions sometimes don’t we?



4 thoughts on “Nail polish haul

  1. I am so going to have to try these out!! I am the same way, I don’t have the patience to let my nails dry so then they just get messed up right away and all that time was wasted. Thank you for sharing!


  2. Story of my life! I just paint my nails when I watch youtube videos now to prevent that. And even when I put them on with a heavy hand they still dry quite quickly so they’re really nice affordable nail polishes. Glad you enjoyed! 🙂

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