How I selftan: St. Moriz selftanning mousse


Selftanning has been around for a really long time, but I feel like more and more people are getting more into it.. or is that just me? I know I am at least! I have tried a couple of selftanners during the past few years, but I never really fell for it because I couldn’t find one that gave me the result I wanted without the hustle that comes with it.. till now! I’m thrilled that I finally came across a selftanner that just does it for me. Before using this I went to the tanning salon every 5-6 weeks which I know is really bad for your skin and causes premature ageing, but I just really don’t feel confident in my pale natural skintone. Right now I am able to easily get the shade I want without damaging my skin too much. So let’s get to it and I’ll tell you all about my selftanner and how I apply it!

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